About Some ‘Rolling’ Girls

Miss you – Some Girls – 1978

“We’re gonna bring a case of wine

Hey, let’s go mess and fool around

You know, like we used to”

The lyrics were seemingly inspired by Mick Jagger’s deteriorating relationship with his wife, Bianca.

 “‘Miss You’ is an emotion, it’s not really about a girl. To me, the feeling of longing is what the song is.”
Mick Jagger

Hey Negrita – Black And Blue – 1978

 “Hey Negrita, hey now

Hey conchita, shake it up now

Bate las caderas, do it up now”

Hey Negrita …About Bianca De Macias – Mick Jagger’s first wife)

 “I had this particular lick that I took into the studio and the others said, What are we going to start with? and I said, I’ve got this song. Charlie was sitting behind his kit, so he was already into it and then Keith and Mick both got into the motion of it. That was Hey Negrita, which came together very easily. The key to getting a song across in this band is never to try and write all the words. If you’ve got the rhythm, you’re lucky! Let Mick write the words and then you’re in with a chance.”  Mick Jagger

Angie – Goat’s Head Soup – 1973

The big rumor about this song is that it was written about David Bowie’s wife, Angela, who wrote in her autobiography that she once walked in on Bowie and Mick Jagger in bed together – a story Jagger denies


 “People began to say that song was written about David Bowie’s wife but the truth is that Keith wrote the title. He said, ‘Angie,’ and I think it was to do with his daughter. She’s called Angela. And then I just wrote the rest of it.”   Mick Jagger

Sweet Black Angel – Exile On Main Street -1972

This is about Angela Davis, a black radical who was arrested, but eventually acquitted, of aiding a courtroom escape in 1970 in which four people died.

The lyrics are a parody of black stereotypes. Mick Jagger sang like Buckwheat from The Little Rascals to make his statement of support for Angela Davis.

As early as 1969 Davis began publicly speaking, voicing her opposition to the Vietnam War, racism, sexism, and the prison industrial complex, and her support of gay rights and other social justice movements. In 1969 she blamed imperialism for the troubles suffered by oppressed populations.

Brown Sugar – Sticky Fingers – 1971

“Get along, brown sugar

How come you taste so good, baby?

Got me feelin’ now, brown sugar

Just like a black girl should”

Brown Sugar

Mick Jagger wrote the lyrics. According to Bill Wyman, the lyrics were partially inspired by a black backing singer called Claudia Linnear who was one of Ike Turner’s backup singers (Ikettes).

Jagger and her met when The Stones toured with Turner in 1969.

David Bowie also wrote his Aladdin Sane track “Lady Grinning Soul” about her.

Sister morphine – Sticky Fingers – 1971


Ah, come on, Sister Morphine, you better make up my bed

‘Cause you know and I know in the morning I’ll be dead

Yeah, and you can sit around, yeah and you can watch all the

Clean white sheets stained red.

Sister Morphine

This song is about Marianne Faithfull

“As Tears Go By” is a song written by The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, and their manager Andrew Loog Oldham, and was a popular hit for both British singer Marianne Faithfull in 1964 and The Rolling Stones in 1965

Ruby Tuesday– Between The Buttons – 1967



“It was probably written about Linda Keith not being there (laughs). I don’t know, she had pissed off somewhere. It was very mournful, very, VERY Ruby Tuesday and it was a Tuesday.” Keith Richard


Yesterday’s papers – Between The Buttons – 1967


Yesterday’s papers

 This was the first Stones song Mick Jagger wrote by himself. It’s about Chrissie Shrimpton, his girlfriend from 1963-1966 (she was 17 when they started dating).

Chrissie was the sister of Jean Shrimpton, who as a fashion icon in ’60s London can make a claim to the title “world’s first supermodel.”


With Chrissie by his side, Jagger found himself mingling with artists and fashionistas, where he fit in quite well. When Mick and Chrissie split up, he took up with the singer Marianne Faithfull.

Stupid Girl – Aftermath – 1966


Stupid Girl

 “It’s much nastier than Under My Thumb. Obviously, I was having a bit of trouble. I wasn’t in a good relationship. Or I was in too many bad relationships. I had so many girlfriends at that point. None of them seemed to care they weren’t pleasing me very much. I was obviously in with the wrong group” Mick Jagger

Under my Thumb – Aftermath – 1966

 “It’s down to me

The difference in the clothes she wears

Down to me, the change has come,

She’s under my thumb”

Under my Thumb

  Mick Jagger was going out with a model named Chrissie Shrimpton at the time. She helped inspire the song.


Under my Thumb – The Who



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