Kiss VVInvasion Slaughtered


 Vinnie Vincent V Charvel/jackson Guitar

Vinnie Vincent Invasion was an American glam metal band formed in 1984 by former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent.

 “I think that Vinnie is absolutely brilliant and I think that as much as he would slam me in the press, I would have to say that he is a genius in so many ways”. Mark Slaughter


Following his departure from Kiss in 1984, he formed the band Vinnie Vincent Invasion with among others former Journey singer Robert Fleischman


In 1986 the band released: Vinnie Vincent Invasion

 Vocalist Robert Fleischman exited the band during a contract dispute and a video was produced for the song “Boyz Are Gonna Rock” with new vocalist Mark Slaughter lipsyncing over Fleischman’s vocal track.


“Robert wasn’t gonna tour. I don’t think he ever thought he was gonna go do anything with Vinnie, I think he just recorded the record, took the photos and that was it” Mark Slaughter

“I think, ultimately, Robert sang a great record.  I think they made a great record on that first one and I still listen to it to this day.  Although, I made the video with Robert singing and joined after the recording that first Invasion record holds great memories for me.  I mean, here I was a guitar teacher and then a month later I go from that situation to being on a huge stage with my guitar gone, singing and fronting a band in front of 20,000 people opening for Alice Cooper!  It was a pretty big culture shock for me but absolutely I have great memories surrounding that first album”. Mark Slaughter

With Slaughter on board, the band released their second album, All Systems Go in May 1988.

The album featured hits like, “Ashes to Ashes,” and “Love Kills,” which appeared on the A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master soundtrack.



 Vinnie Vincent and Mark Slaughter host Headbangers Ball 1988


 The band broke-up in 1989.

 “The way it went was that it was Dana’s and my call.  When Vinnie at one point went to Dana and said “Ok, I’m firing you and you’re not this and blah, blah, blah” the next thing that happened was he took me aside and said “Look, I’m firing Dana, where does your loyalty lie?” and I said “I’d rather be in the gutter with Dana than with you but I’ll see the tour through”.  I mean, I was a professional but of course that didn’t sit well with Vinnie, that was like “Mutiny On The Bounty” and I was a bad person and all that as far as he was concerned but I think that also part of the thing with Dana was that it really was a friendship.  We really stuck by each other through all that stuff in the Invasion.  That was a big part of it”. Mark Slaughter

After that, the band’s singer Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum formed Slaughter.


 In 1996, Vinnie Vincent released a solo EP, called Euphoria, once again with Robert Fleischman on vocals


 Robert Fleischman’s journey thru time


 Fleischman is perhaps best known as the original frontman for the rock group Journey from June until November 1977, between the group’s albums, Next and Infinity. He appeared in live concert performances with Journey and co-wrote and recorded numerous studio demo tracks during the band’s early writing sessions for the upcoming album, Infinity. Three of those co-written tracks appear on the album: “Anytime”, “Wheel in the Sky”

 The only officially released Journey song featuring Fleischman’s vocals is “For You” which can be found on Journey’s box-set release, Time3, as well as on Fleischman’s 1979 solo album entitled Perfect Stranger.

 He may have also contributed to the track “Velvet Curtain” (also found on Time3) which was later re-written as “Feeling That Way” and credited to Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Perry, and Gregg Rolie.


 Fleischman was also associated with the English rock group, Asia, for a short time. Already known to bandmember Carl Palmer, John Kalodner of Geffen Records introduced him to Asia’s John Wetton as the possible new lead singer for the group. After working on new material together, it became apparent to Fleischman that Wetton’s voice was actually best suited for the material; after discussing this with the band, he amicably left the project and returned to America to pursue other possibilities

 Fleischman is also known for scoring soundtracks for TV and film,

notably That ’70s Show and the pilot episode of:

 Many of his ambient scores can be found on the solo albums Kinetic Phenomena and Electric Raindrops, (both 2004).

 In early 2009, Fleischman announced the formation of a new band, The Sky


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