Tony Iommi,…”The Man in Black” Sabbath

“Bill and I were looking for a singer, and we spotted this advert that said  ‘Singer looking for a gig. Call Ozzy at…’ It can’t possiblily be that one’ so we went to the address listed in the ad, and knocked at the door, sure enough Ozzy appeared. I said to Bill ‘forget it, forget it‘ (I used to hate the sight of Ozzy. I couldn’t stand him and I used to beat him up whenever I saw him. He was a little punk) but Bill wanted to chat with  him. Three weeks Later we ended up together anyway. Life moves in mysterious ways”   Tony Iommi

The original Black Sabbath line-up: Iommi, Ozzy, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, first coalesced in 1968 as Earth, playing pop and blues.

The following year the Group discovered volume, overdrive and paranoia, and celebrated their find by adopting the sinister Sabbath moniker.

Shortly there-after, the band released ‘Black Sabbath’, the first of its series masterpieces on Warner Brothers.

“This music caused and inmediate reaction from the audience, After we wrote “Wicked World” and “Black Sabbath” we thought, ‘Well, we are going to have to try them out’. Everybody in the club just froze! We had all these blues people saying ‘What’s that’ The reactions were very Strong, both pro and con. But I think most of the people enjoyed what we were doing, because they never heard anything like it before” Tony Iommi

“I discovered Black Sabbath by digging thorugh my older brother’s record Collection, their albums covers really drew me in. I inmediately thought, ‘I gotta put this on , And when I did I Could not believe it, it was like ‘Heavy as shit’. Sabbath was everything the sixties weren’t. Their music was so cool because it was completely anti-hippie. I hated The Beatles, Jethro Tull, and all that other happy shit” James Hetfield

 “There was always competition with bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. In fact Robert Plant and John Bonham were from Birmingham (sorrounded by violence and pollution, so that was a big part of our music), which was our hometown.


We all knew each other  which made it worse. Bonham placed with us a few times. In fact he was my best man when I got married.. The main thing, I remember about John was that he was in an incredible number of groups, he’d only be in them for a week, and they get rid of him because he was too loud”.  Tony Iommi

“I had an accident on the same day I was supposed to quit my factory job to tour Germany, so when I started playing again, I had to devise a new way. I used to play a lot with my forefinger and pinky because the two middle fingers were bandaged up. I learned to use and bend with my little finger a lot and also had to learn to play standard choros in very unorthodox ways. Then I created these plastic thimbles that extended the lenght of my fingers, which allowed me to play in a normal fashion.” Tony Iommi

“I thought I was finished, because I went to different specialists and they all said: ’Forget it’. Then a friend of mine bought me a record by jazz guitarist Django Rheinhardt and told me to have a listen. I said ‘ He is really good’ Then he told me that Django was able to use Orly two fingers. It started me to thinking: ‘Well, he was able to do it’, ‘I m gonna have a go at this’   and that’s what sort of started me on the way again”  Tony Iommi

 “I tried to play with a slide placer but he was lauder than me and I felt we were constantly competing with each other. Actually Queen’s Brian May has placed with us, he is the only other guitarrist  I’ve really placed with”  Tony Iommi

 Brian May, Sharon Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Bev Bevan


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