Siouxsie “Cry of the Banshee”

“It was meant to be our 15 minutes of fame, but we managed to sustain it for 10 years, which only goes to show how addictive dressing up and making noise for a living can be.”  Siouxsie

Siouxsie Sioux (born May 27, 1957) is the lead singer of the punk/goth band Siouxsie & the Banshees and lead singer of The Creatures.

The Banshees produced eleven studio albums and a string of hit singles including “Hong Kong Garden”, “Happy House”, “Peek-a-Boo” and “Kiss Them for Me”.

With The Creatures, Siouxsie recorded four studio albums and the hit single “Right Now”.

During her adolescence, she was a self-described “loner, who enjoyed listening to the music of David Bowie, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, Bryan Ferry and Iggy Pop”

David Bowie, Marc Bolan


Siouxsie with Marc Bolan

I grew up trying out Catwoman kicks on people—she and Emma Peel were my mentors when I was young.

“Siouxsie just appeared fully made, fully in control, utterly confident. It totally blew me away. There she was doing something that I dared to dream but she took it and did it and it wiped the rest of the festival for me, that was it. I can’t even remember everything else about it except that one performance.”  Viv Albertine from The Slits

The Slits


“I wrote the strings for this on a toy piano!”  “The sentiment behind it is of lying on the gutter but still looking up at the stars. I’d seen Marathon Man, and I was really intrigued by the guy swallowing diamonds to keep them, and then realising it was like swallowing glass — that they would pass through his system and tear him apart. So that’s the line — ‘Swallowing diamonds, cutting throats’. Quite a lot of this, and ‘Swimming Horses’, came from visiting Israel for the first time. ‘The sea of fluid mercury’, in the lyric, is the Dead Sea. We did this crazy thing and hired a car to go to the Dead Sea, Robert (Smith, their then guitarist) had to be the chauffeur, he was the only one who could drive. But, when we got there, it was like ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ — all barbed wire and tanks and flags with skull and crossbones on them! We also went to Tel Aviv, where most of the audience were on acid — which was available after the show, so we took it as well! We ended up on the beach, having a party until sunrise, and, of course, we ended up swimming. The sea was very clear, but there were all these little fish flying out of it. It wasn’t the drugs, honest!”


Her voice is, in its own right, the common thread through all of it. There is no one who sings like that. And I think there are a lot of people who were influenced by it, but even if you try and sing like her, you can’t do that. You can’t throw your voice like that. You can’t throw harmony like that. That is a very distinct voice. Her technique is a thread between the really far-out stuff and opera and pop music. It’s distinct. It’s all her own.— Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio

“I’ve never particularly said I’m hetero or I’m a lesbian. I know there are people who are definitely one way, but not really me. I suppose if I am attracted to men then they usually have more feminine qualities.”  Siouxsie in an interview with The Independent,



Siouxsie & the Banshees Active; 1970s – 2000s , Formed 1976 in London, England ,  Disbanded

 1996 .  Group Members : Budgie, John Carruthers John McGeoch, John McKay

John Valentine Carruthers, Jon Klein,Kenny Morris, Knox Chandler

Marco Pirroni, Martin McCarrick, Robert Smith, Sid Vicious, Siouxsie Sioux

Steven Severin

Studio Discography; Recomended Songs

The Scream – Released: 13 November 1978,

“Jigsaw Feeling,” “Suburban Relapse, “Helter Skelter”


Join Hands – Released: 7 September 1979,

Regal Zone , Placebo Effect,  Playground Twist

Kaleidoscope  –  Released: 1 August 1980,

Happy House, Hybrid , Christine , Paradise Place 


Juju  –  Released: 6 June 1981,

Spellbound,  Arabian Knights,  Sin in My Heart

A Kiss in the Dreamhouse  – Released: 5 November 1982,

Green Fingers,  Painted Bird, Slowdive  

Hyæna  – Released: 8 June 1984,

Dazzle, Dear Prudence, Pointing Bone

Tinderbox – Released: 21 April 1986,

Candyman ,  Cities in Dust ,  Cannons

Through the Looking Glass  – Released: 2 March 1987,

Peepshow  – Released: 5 September 1988

Peek-A-Boo , The Killing Jar  ,  Ornaments of Gold

Superstition  – Released: 10 June 1991

Rapture – 1995

O Baby


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